Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung - and Friday is here!

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I have had a pretty hectic, but fun week with the kids off school for March Break.  The weather here in Toronto has been averaging 15 degrees,  so our days together have been very enjoyable.  We have spent most of the time outside riding our bikes, playing tennis and  ball-hockey and today going on a big hike in Caledon, Ontario.  Its great to see the kids running freely and unrestricted - not complaining about walking, this is how kids should enjoy activity.  Has spring has sprung in your part of the world?

I have had a deliberately quiet week away from the computer to enjoy March Break, but have still pulled together a few snippets for you to enjoy from the weeks news.

I have had a pretty flat week exercise and food wise. I broke Lent!! ARRRGHHHH - totally by accident I stuffed a huge piece of banana-bread down my throat and realised too late - and that has just sent me on a spiral of bad-eating habits!! I need to pull myself together quickly - and reading inspiring stories often helps.  This story of a blind man who is attempting to complete a triathlon in truly inspirational.

And there is a good chance I will check here for some new food ideas to get me back on track.  And just one day after Pepsi announced it was cutting sugary drinks from schools around the world, Kraft Foods, the largest food maker in N.America says it plans to cut sodium by 10% from its products over the next 2 years. Every little helps I suppose!

Anybody who knows me, knows how I like a good curry, but worryingly some spices imported from India may contain lead that is harmful to children.

This is my big year for turning 40 and I was discussing with friends recently how turning 40 in this day and age, is so different to when our parents were 40 - we all seem younger, more vibrant and confident with our lives.  But what is the future of 40?

Hope you all enjoy your weekend -  see you Monday!

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