Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Overcoming obstacles

I was asked recently by my friend Helen Tansey, if I would pose for some photos for her website Sundari Photography.  She has a series of photos for women 40 and over (and I almost fall into that category by a few months) embracing wrinkles, grey hairs and all that jazz!

I was honoured that she asked me but I was also overwhelmed with a sense of panic.  We all have our insecurities and obstacles we need work on. One of mine is to try and embrace who I am and except everything about myself.  I was asked to pose for this shoot in just a tank-top and undies and thought I was going to be sick with fear.

During the shoot Helen took the time to make me feel at ease, constantly telling me to breath and relax, the two things that you don't do when you are nervous. And I am very happy with the results of the session.

This week I am going to post an article about Judy, who is a friend of mine trying to lose the last of her baby weight. And talk about overcoming fear and obstacles, Judy poses for before photos and provides all her measurements and weight!  I think thats a pretty brave thing to do - so watch this space.

It made me wonder though, what challenges other people face and try to overcome,  I would love to hear your stories.


  1. great pic! u look lovely.

  2. Great picture! And great story. I've been looking for someone to do my family portraits, but I just moved and am having trouble finding people. :-/


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