Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PMS and Exercise

Men get pms too!! ha ha 

Do you workout in with a group of friends? Have you noticed some synchronisity happening? During one of my workouts recently, I was feeling pretty fatigued and realised that my period was due, so we did a sweep of the room and all of us who were exercising had our periods due at the same time.  So does menstrual synchrony really exist? 

How do you feel when you exercise? I feel pretty tired and have to adjust my workouts accordingly, but I don't stop going to the gym. I read great advise about exercising from Rachel Cosgroves book The Female Body Breakthrough, she suggests planning your workouts like this; the week before your period and into the week of your period, plan a lower-volume week. Whereas in the following 2 weeks you can ramp up the work and really push yourself.
This is general advise and I think it depends on each individual, I for example don't feel the need to do lower-volumes for 2 weeks, but definitely 4-5 days suffer!!

I am hopeless at keeping track of my periods, then I found that there are great apps for your iPhone, I use iPeriod. It records everything you need to know, including when you are likely to suffer from mood swings, which is helpful for your partner!

And finally here are stills from a 1950's menstruation film where one of the classic pieces of advise is that the girls may partake in dancing during their periods, just so long as it isn't square dancing.

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