Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The future of personal training

Bang Fitness in Downtown Toronto are offering an amazing new semi-private training membership for a trial offer of only $100.  This is a great facility to exercise in, they believe in training you as an athlete to become leaner, stronger and faster. They offer a number of services including personal training, group conditioning classes (inc. a kettlebell class) group strength classes and nutritional counseling.
Go down and check it out!!

Geoff, the Director at Bang, writes some pretty good articles that are worth checking out on their blog.  The most recent, first get fit, then run, is definitely worth reading.  So many newcomers to exercise believe that donning a pair of trainers sneakers, running shoes is the most effective form of exercise for results in fat loss.  They also undertake the activity unfit causing themselves injuries.  Geoff outlines here the best approach to exercise for results and the ranking of running within that structure.


  1. Thanks for the big-ups, Amanda!

    It's worth re-stating that if running is a great source of pleasure for you, go, run, be free! However, if you're someone whose chosen to run as a solution to fat-loss, you're barking up the wrong stretch of knee-grinding pavement.

    If running was what worked best, that's what we'd do. Instead, we thought we'd just revamp the entire industry. I hope that's cool. ;)

  2. I agree, I love running, but I love it because it gives me some time alone from the kids, improves my mental health and basically makes me a pleasure to be around :)


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