Monday, March 15, 2010

Ever had a 'Coregasm?'

I read with interest an article that has been hopping around the internet for a while, that claim women who workout really hard eventually experience an orgasm in the gym.  Well let me tell you, that I must be doing something drastically wrong, as it has never happened to me, or anybody else that I know (well nobody has admitted as much!)

The other day on the bike doing Tabata, I do know I was making strange grunting noises and yelled out at one stage - "This is really hard!!" - which sent my workout buddies into hysterical giggles, but thats as close to a coregasm as I have been.

Anyway Womens Health were inspired enough by this story to produce a list of exercises that will hopefully allow you to have an orgasmic workout!

I wonder if any women out there will be brave enough to tell me if this works for them!!

And sorry men, but to date I can't find any workouts that are going to satisfy you in the same way :(


  1. How...intriguing. Cutting out us males altogether? Sad I say.

    I think Arnold has the secret for us men.

  2. omg - that is hilarious, wonder if it was part of his campaign speech!

  3. Cher said she used to get them. Exercise is better than sex according to her.

  4. I am a man and I actually had one yesterday. I was doing decline situps with a medicine ball behind my head and all of a sudden I felt like I had to urinate but SOMETHING inside me told me I had to finish my set and then IT happened. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom honestly thinking I peed myself. You ladies might like that but ill never be able to work my core in the gym again.!


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