Friday, March 12, 2010

Tis' Friday Again.....

I love pulling together some of the interesting and fun articles from the weeks news.

Which is healthier, being Fat and Fit, or being Thin and Unfit?

This exercise is going in my next routine - it looks awesome!!!

I don't have a TV but wish I did so I could tune into Jamie Oliver trying to change the eating habits of the unhealthiest city in the US.  He did it for the children with school dinners, can he do it here?

You are either in the Love It or Hate It camp (or maybe in the 'what the hell is it? camp) I LOVE IT - yes I am talking about Marmite.  The wholesome jar of sticky gunky healthy loveliness!  And the marketing team over at Marmite keep coming up with some really cool products (last year I bought a Vivian Westwood designed Marmite t-shirt).  Check out some of their cool stuff, I especially like their oven gloves.

Stick with your friends and you will live longer!  And chose your food wisely, here are 5 foods to help you lose belly fat!

And finally, sorry to do this to you fellas, but women fake it, YES WE DO!!!! 
The truth hurts, so get over it because its for your own benefit.

enjoy the weekend and see you next week where you should stay tuned for another FABBY GIVEAWAY!!!

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  1. Jamie Oliver is so inspiring! I rarely watch TV so I have yet to see him on TV, but I've been reading a lot about his actions and intentions, and it's so great!


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