Friday, March 5, 2010

the best of the week

So here are my favourite articles from the weeks news, hopefully you will find something fun within!

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Most swimsuits these days are based on the 1950's standard 'hour-glass' figure which researchers believe was a product of the rationing years. Speedo have done their research and found that only 19% of women these days fit that shape, 49% of us falling into the 'bottom-heavy' category. M & S have listened to the results and have produced 3 new swimsuit that fit these new categories.

Before putting on your running-shoes, think carefully about the surface you are running on, it maybe be doing you more harm than good.

Picking the names of my two boys was really hard work, but at least I didn't chose any of these Terry Bull names!

And just before you shun the treadmill as a dying fad - how about you consider using the new Anti-Gravity treadmill engineered by NASA.

and just for fun, did you know that most peoples ear lobes are in line with their nipples!

Ok thats me signing off for the weekend, have a good one folks

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