Monday, March 22, 2010

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I have always enjoyed hitting the pavement (weather dependent) and have done so many races I have lost count.  Its only in the last year or so I have stopped running so much.  A little bit of knowledge can be a problem I have found.  Its basically an excepted fact that running is not the optimal exercise to do to build up lean muscle mass, use your time effectively and to see physical results in your body.  And its true for me, now I do more resistance training with weights and pump out the metabolic work, my body has totally transformed. BUT now that I don't run so much anymore, unless its interval training or sprints, I find that my goal fix has diminished!  When you are a runner its easy to say 'ok my next race will be the 10k in 2 months time', or '4 month training plan for that 1/2 marathon' - now I struggle to have something to get fit for - and getting fit for no reason, for me, is a bizarre concept...........regardless, I still do enjoy running and there is something liberating about going out for a long, slow run and clearing the mind (and escaping the children too!)

Are you a true runner? Test yourself on this quiz and see if you make the common mistakes lots of us have!
Want to track your progress? Is your pace improving, the number of miles or distance - then check out Runstoppable, its free and will do all this and more! Its a great resource for those of you that don't own the Nike system or can't afford the Garmin with its fancy GPS technology (which I might add doesn't work on a Mac - phhfff!!) and fancy price tag.

Despite the little debate that goes on in my head about running, I may start clocking in more miles, especially now the weather is good, but I will make it just a small part of the system I use now - that really works for me!

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