Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Sista Shirts

I love this t-shirt called Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

While surfing around on the web and checking out other fitness blogs, I came across two sisters, who have created a great line of sports apparel called Sistas Shirts. 

It was founded in 2008 by two sisters, Heidi Hamels and Dawn Strobel, both marathon runners. They wanted to provide women designer apparel that could be worn casually that still shows off the fact that you're an athlete and runner. Sistas Shirts offers tank tops, short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, sweat pants, and sweatshirts. All of their apparel has a fun athletic-inspired saying on it, many of which are running related. 

Until a few months ago, there apparel could only be found on-line and at various marathons across the country. There apparel is now available to wholesalers and is featured in running stores and health/fitness stores. 

The Sistas continue to challenge themselves physically and can catch them at their next race, the Rock n Roll Nashville Country Music Marathon on April 24th.

A cool fact about one of the owners, Heidi Hamels (nee Strobel) is a former Survivor: Amazon contestant.  I wonder how she felt eating all that disgusting food!! urghh

Check out the cool apparel at Sistas Shirts, and they have kindly offered a 15% discount to my readers, just enter the code: RUN15.

And now that Spring has arrived, you may even see me pounding the streets again, if only to get an hour away from the kids!

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