Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take-away Thursdays.

I am flying home to the UK next week for 10 days, so have already started planning how I can exercise or at least stay active when I go back home.  This gave me a great idea, how about I start producing weekly workouts that I will post on my blog, in printable pdf. that you can 'take-away' either on the road, on holiday or just to incorporate into your workout schedule.

So my intention is to keep these workouts short and intense, use little or no equipment and make them fun!!  I have created them as 5"x7" a nice portable size, print these on thick paper or card.

click here for your first Metabolic Mixer workout.

let me know what you think of this workout, and send suggestions if you want me to include a favourite exercise of yours.

And don't forget to enter the competition to win 3 Urban Warrior Workouts and a free Tank valued at $105!


  1. Well that's brilliant. I don't know what many of the exercises are, but I'm sure I could figure that out later. Actually, I do know what burpees are, and I know I can't do them.

    Has anyone put out a workout "recipe" book? You could do it.

  2. yes thats a neat idea. At the end of the year I will compile them all. Ha ha.
    I think next time I will put hyperlinks on some of the more confusing exercises, but all of them are 'googleable'!
    have fun!


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