Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its been validated: start interval training NOW!

Slow steady-state cardio - forget it!! thats what the experts have been saying for ages now. Interval training is a must in your workout for optimal use of your time and to see positive fat loss results.

and if you are interested, check out this article confirming again how interval training can help you with fat loss which provides you with the tools and information to build your own program!! this is a great resource!


  1. Thanks for this Amanda. Great post! I have a question for you. I am following the program on The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I am just starting Phase 2 which includes HIIT. I actually also started doing some in Phase 1 just to get used to it. Do you think I could use some of these Tabata workouts as my HIIT or is it going to be way too challenging after a weight workout? Any opinions would be most appreciated! :)

  2. OK to start with I want to tell you that New Rules is an awesome book. So happy you are finding it productive in your workouts. I think that introducing metabolic work within this program is a great idea. There's how I would do it, midway through your workouts (literally the halfway point) decide to do either a tabata, countdown or maybe a sprint session, I find that this really breaks up the workout to make it more interesting. If I was just sticking to the treadmill for Hiits, I tend to leave this to the end of the workout, purely because the metabolic training is more effective and I would feel it a benefit to incorporate with the weights session. Check out this article from Alwyn Cosgrove on the hierarchy of fat loss - its really informative.

    also I would suggest buying Rachel Cosgroves book as a supplement to New Rules.
    Good luck and come back if you have any more questions. Sounds like you have a great foundation already!!!

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the speedy response and advice. Funny you should mention about Rachel Cosgroves book... I DO actually have it and have read it all. I am not following her workouts but I have still found the info all really helpful and have incorporated some of her warm up stuff to get my glutes working before squats, etc. I have also done a couple of her metabolic circuits... just wasn't sure how to fit them in with my NROLFW workouts (which I do Mon, Weds, Fri and then yoga on Thurs). I will try what you suggest about adding something in at the midpoint of my workout... although I might have to work up to that because I am finding Phase 2 pretty challenging! As far as the HIIT at the end of the workout I have been alternating treadmill, eliptical, bike and metabolic ciruit... although one day I did a circuit after a workout and could barely work for two days (my legs were gone!). And yes, I have also read that article by Alywn... excellent!!
    I appreciate your advice so much. It is tough to always know how to progress. Any other pointers are most welcome. :)
    Thanks again!


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