Thursday, March 11, 2010

what is kipping?

well where I come from kipping was something we did in front of the tele after Sunday Dinner! - "don't wake Dad up, he's kipping".  But in fitness terms, kipping, is a form of pull up that some people consider cheating. It uses multiple muscle-group and requires a hard cardio output, its something akin to how gymnasts would train for the rings. So how to do a kipping pull-up? Starting in the pull-up position using your hips and feet to rock yourself in a continuous movement up and down - basically using momentum. I have tried to do kipping and the results were unfortunate - embarrassing and that was only in front of the kids, not ready to try this at the gym yet.

Here is a video that explains the full technique, people doing up to 100 of them!
The reason I have seen this exercise promoted is to encourage you to use your whole body to increase your work capacity, which in turn increases your power output. 

Do you think its cheating - have you tried it with any success? I am still on the fence with this one as I don't really think I can comment until I actually achieve one!!

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