Friday, February 5, 2010

Wii Your Shape game

Can the new Nintendo Wii replace a qualified professional trainer?
I have just read a really interesting and funny article in the Globe and Mail, test-running this new game.

The concept is pretty cool. The game which retails at around ($75 CDN) comes with a camera which you mount on the TV. You then enter a bunch of information, age, gender, weight etc and then the camera does 2 body scans of you. Now the fun beings......

The voice of 'Jenny McCarthy' then instructs you through a series of exercises, of which you have 480+ to chose from; you see a visual image of yourself next to this perfect blonde virtual trainer and you also get instruction from her about incorrect form and posture.

I am talking blindly about the game of course because I have never seen it and actually don't have a huge desire to try it either.  (Though I imagine it could be a fun drunken party game!!)  I think that is the key for me, it appears to be just another game. When I think of the time and effort I take to make my workouts effective, constantly changing up the weights, tempo, rest times, number of reps and number of sets - it makes me wonder just how effective Your Shape really is.

Have any of you tried this game? Have you had any positive results from it? I would interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Have a fun weekend!!!

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