Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly roundup

"There are temptations which strong exercise best enables us to resist" - John Lubbock

What a weekend!  Amanda and I went to a huge birthday for our friend and exercise partner Nicola thrown by another exercise partner, Mandy, and attended by a number of other exercise partners.  (Yes, Amanda has a lot of exercise partners.  We should have t-shirts made.)  I'm still recovering but I must go to the gym to burn off birthday cake.  Wish me luck!

I'm always interested to read about other people's workouts.  This guy takes fitness pretty seriously.

Personally, I don't know how chocolate and cherry scones can be good for you - not least after a workout - but this nutritionist swears they are.  Who am I to argue?

Can you be convinced to go on the Nordic Diet?  Would you join the calorie restriction movement? and no.

If it came from a plant, eat it (and other food rules to live by).

Eight secrets to all day energy.  Do you have any to add?

I *heart* Google.  I recently stumbled upon this sweet commercial and now this?  Sigh.

Did I get enough exercise/burn enough calories/get enough sleep today?  Better check my fitbit.

Not much love for moobs, I guess.

...but there should be lots of love for man's best friend.

I can't wait to hear what Amanda thinks about this.

Repeat after me: "must not eat cake".  Still craving cake?  Listen to this.

(photo credit The Bitten Word.  Oh, and in case you are caving into temptation, find the recipe here)

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  1. I wish I had tried the birthday cake!

    Just looked at the chocolate cherry workout recovery scones and, while they wouldn't be good for recovery (um - where is the protein?), the recipe sure ain't bad. I'd switch the white flour to whole grain -- we use our own gluten free blend at our house -- and Splenda or 1:1 stevia for the sugar. It would be also cool to use garam masala as a flavour in it.

    OK - I want to just bake now!


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