Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly roundup

There has been a lot of Winter Games watching at my house this weekend.  The athletes are so inspiring and watching them has me pumped about working out.

Here are a few interesting links I found this week:

Did you have a nice valentine's day?  Keep the love on fire:  couples who play together, stay together.

Yet another reason to exercise.

But having trouble falling in love with a workout?  Here's how.

And after that workout, treat yourself to one of these.

Twenty things you didn't know about digestion.

Strange but true health tips.

Tip of the week: avoid boredom.

I'm a housewife - can I get lean while I clean?

Ladies, get your coats on.  We're going to the pub...

...and when we're older, we can head to the playground.

(image from BC Living Games Guide)

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