Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Failure' and How to Cope

My broken toe is causing me a bit of frustration.  I can't do my normal workout and watching my training partners have great workout sessions is driving me nuts.  Despite this I made adaptations and had a great workout today, but seriously I am having to play mind-games with myself to stay motivated.  See I am only human too.  Todays article is from Kyle Byron, who is going through something similar himself and shares with you some inspirational thoughts.  Over to you Kyle.........

We've all heard that there is no such thing as failure, only gaining experience. You know...'you learn from your mistakes' or 'that's why pencils have erasers'.

Results-oriented people (most of my clients and myself) don't get a lot of solace from these philosophies.

I can list several recent experiences where I've '
lost'.  Like my last tournament, whilst  training for it I got injured, then afterwards I had some major binge episodes. Now I've got a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and I'm unmotivated.

I tell you these things because I want you to know I can relate to you and your struggles. I want to show you how much I value coaching.

I went to my coaches. Here are some quotes from them:

"It's really easy to tell a client to stay positive, but you can't do it yourself!"

"Kb you are too hard on yourself"

"Be compassionate with yourself, and you can reconcile all beings in the world.”

"We often apply different rules to ourselves."

(I also watched Rocky III and Rocky VI for inspiration)

So my goal is to 
maintain a positive perspective. An old goal, but good to revisit it. It will improve my training and nutrition goals.

My injury is going away fast due to 100% compliance to my rehab. My eating already returned to normal as my coach predicted. And in a few weeks, I'll be back up to setting personal bests and I'll feel great again.

One last quote I'll leave you with. 

"You have to change something to progress. Change causes stress. Stress causes adaptation."

The stress part...that's what coaches are for (to make it and help you deal with it).

Kyle Byron 
BSc Human Nutrition (Hons.)
Certified Personal Trainer
BA (Hons.)
Expertise and support make results easy

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