Friday, February 19, 2010

Something for the weekend Sir?

I wonder did that expression really start in a barbers shop? Still it makes me chuckle.

Here are a few interesting snippets for you to enjoy!!

Lack of sleep really does make us fat!

Check out these fun apps for your iPhone. (I wish I had one!!)

Ever hang out with people who claim to have food allergies, but have never been tested? Its apparently quite common for people to exaggerate their food intolerances and may be causing their bodies more harm than good.

Remember Brian Jacks from Superstars?  Then you will  love this video from the 70's. I feel like we have come full-circle with our exercises and when you see these guys pumping out the dips and squat thrusts you will see why. Remember that Brian Jacks was an Olympian, but that pretty much was forgotten because he was so famous from this show.

I wonder if Brian Jacks would be able to do Flying Squirrel push-ups?  (I tried them yesterday to show off to the kids and ended up re-breaking my nearly healed toe!!)

Calm in a can: Red Bull meet Slow Cow.  (I'll stick with beer thanks!)

When I was a kid my Mam bought me a blood orange and it freaked me out!  I thought she had killed the orange and was making me eat it raw!  (yes I know thats crazy!)

I do these in the gym and they add an extra kick to your push-up!

Pistol Squats - are pretty intense at the best of time, you won't believe what this guy is doing. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME :)


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