Friday, February 26, 2010

The weeks round-up: would you like roast tarantulas with that?

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How has your week been? I have been pretty busy juggling my graphic design work, looking after the kids and working-out, of course.  But it hasn't stopped me collecting a few gems for you to enjoy, so put the kettle on, grab a cuppa and read on.......

The tarantula header-line is not a joke, enjoy the World's most outrageous guest requests from hotels.

I have had some nice emails this week from people telling me how this blog is inspiring them to lead more healthier, active lives.  That was one of the main purposes of this blog, so that makes me happy!! Another inspiration at the moment must be the Olympics!! I just love the energy and excitement.  One of my readers, Cheryl found this link to be an inspiration for her and I can see why.

But it appears that not everybody is impressed with the Olympics!!  Moving on from speed sports on ice, how about speed-plating-dating?  is this just another fitness trend I wonder?  Meanwhile, the American College of Sports Medicine has released its survey of the Predicted 2010 Fitness Trends.

A fan of the Biggest Loser? Looks like Jillian Michaels has found herself in a spot of trouble.

And finally some food for thought - an interesting article about the diet from the rationing years of WW2 - it seems some basics principles from that time should still hold true today.

Right off to make my boys some good old-fashioned rice pud for dinner! Have a great weekend 

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