Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Did you know?

this photo is from the purely brilliant book Bent Objects by Terry Border. 
This photo is entitled 'Banana Chainsaw Massacre'.
Check out Bent Objects here.

Sweaty Bananas -  A banana has high potassium content, so peeling one is a quick and effective solution to that nagging stitch.  It will also help replace losses through sweat and help you with fluid absorption.  Packed to the hilt with energizing carbs - each banana has approx 400 mg of potassium and 29g of carbs!

And I am sure this won't help you fight the sweat, but there is nothing really as yummy as a good banana bread. Its just a shame I won't be eating any with you, giving up sweet stuff for Lent is a pain!

I really like this recipe from Whole Foods.

(nutrition info from Womens Health)

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