Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to the Foxy Burd blog

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a mother of two young boys, a fitness enthusiast, a graphic designer and hopefully a soon-to-be voice-over superstar!!
I think it is so important to be strong and healthy, therefore informed and educated on how to make the best of your body.  I am constantly asked by friends and strangers about what exercise program they should be doing, what food they should be eating and how to feel energized.  My normal reaction might be:  get that burger out of your mouth when you are speaking to me; or how is it possible you manage to read a whole magazine on that treadmill?

I am obsessed with reading everything out there, and I thought the best way to share this information with you all out there is via this blog. I want to show all you busy people out there how you can make some small but decisive changes in your lifestyle that will have you looking and feeling great.   I'll tell you about workout ideas, products, correct exercise form, my opinions and the opinions of fitness experts (who I love stalking most days).  Since exercise is only a part of a healthy lifestyle, I'll also write about basics of good clean eating, the nutrients and benefits of the food you are stuffing (or should be stuffing) down your necks, plus recipes and fun articles you might be interested in.

You will also see contributions from my friend Natasha. You will spot the differences between her posts and mine, as she is the articulate academic who reads every broadsheet, blog and website known to man.  She is always finding amazing stories and she will share them with you.

Please stop by this site a few times a week, feel free to comment, make suggestions and of course spread the word.  I want this blog to work for you and make you feel that you can make changes that will ROCK YOUR WORLD!! 


  1. yah! very cool, looking forward to finding out all your secrets :)

  2. You rock Amanda, I mean Foxy! I'll see you at the gym soon I promise.


  3. Looking forward to some tips on keeping lean and fit. Great idea.
    Can I book an appointment for a new rockin' routine- I need some inspiration for my Y visits.


  4. Well, Foxyburd, you young kids are just a hoppin' and a dancin' and just gettin' so fit, and good on you! Me, I figure if I can get out of bed in under 60 seconds, then it's gonna be a great day. Sort of.

  5. I plan to post some workout ideas on this site over the next few weeks, that you will be able to use at the Y or maybe even at home :)

  6. Am really looking forward to this. Just got back to the gym this week and could definitely use some inspiration to shake things up a bit and keep going.
    Way to go and best wishes with the blog,

  7. I think moving over there has made you madder!! Come back here and start eating more pies and mash ;-)

    Fab idea will try and join tonight but off to spinning this'd be sooo proud

    Claire xx

  8. Great idea Amanda letting us all in your secrets.
    Joining a gym next week in dire need of tone up.
    Looking forward to any new healthy recipes you may have,we do have a very healthy diet but bordom is kicking in.

  9. Sort out the Canadians Mandy we Brits are fit & healthy and have the British Bulldog spirt

  10. I didn't realise there could be so many fascinating comments about protein powder. Guys, you really need to start facing up to reality. Longevity and long term health in general is not linked in to the gym. How many octogenarians do you hear on news items putting their life span down to constant exercise? Most of the time it's attributed to booze! The key to long life is happiness and I can't think of anything more miserable than haunting the soulless confines of a gym franchise.

  11. Amanda, since we got married, Aoife has turned into a slob. My ironing is usually creased, and on more then one occasion I had to cook my own dinner. It's very disappointing. I will direct her to your blog for inspiration.

  12. Aoife is probably too busy going to bootcamp to iron your shirts Colm. Wouldnt you rather have a buff wife over crinkly clothes?

  13. The "switch" things up approach or "diet" is only to appease our mental state and not physical. Reality is energy is measured by calories or also known as Thermogenisis. Energy can't be created or destroyed, so it's pretty simple actually...if you are over eating calories for the amount of activity you are expending you will ultimately gain weight and store fat. This also applies in reverse. If you are eating fewer calories and exercising you will NOT gain and even loose fat! If you are eating just the right amount of calories to achieve a healthy lifestyle you desire you will either loose the extra weight or maintain the weight you have. After trying several "diets" myself and failed miserably, I no longer wanted to feel bad, depressed, depleted or make things harder on myself than it had to be. By having well balanced meals each day I feel so much better. I have energy, I am able to think clearly and can actually make it through and enjoy my workouts! This is why I love living the way I do...because I feel great doing it! So I ask you this what can you do differently so you can enjoy your "healthy lifestyle" and keep it forever?

  14. Wow. Looks like you have done really well for your self!

    From the UK


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