Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly roundup

The first wealth is health - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am so glad that I had a relaxing weekend because the real work starts today.  Amanda gave me and the rest of her disciples a brand new workout and it looks t-o-u-g-h!  It's called "hot chicks" and I swear if I'm not a hot chick by the end of it, I'm asking for my money back!

Here are a few odds and ends I found on the web this week:

Before you go out and buy that new treadmill, you should pick up the February issue of Consumer Reports so you can tell the difference between the good equipment, the bad and the downright ugly.

If you're not lucky enough to be one of Amanda's gym buddies, you should get Pump One's new Fitness Builder app.  With thousands of exercise images and videos, the ability to share and receive new workouts and unlimited access to a personal trainer, it's like having an Amanda in the palm of your hand.

Fish oil: fountain of youth?  Well, it could be that or pregnant women's urine.

It's a good thing I picked up a big bag of almonds at Costco the other day.

If you're serious about studying the connection between exercise and weight loss, this three part series is a good place to start.

So this is why Amanda is so clever.  It's also why she'll probably have all her marbles when she's old and grey.

Yikes!  It's time to blog standing up.

This is unfortunate (but what an athlete...she kept on going!).

One reason to be having more sex (as if you need one).

Fascinating debate here on Foxyburd re: Butter vs Margarine.  Me?  Either one will do, in moderation, and as long as the bread is fresh and tasty.  Off to do some baking!

(photo credit Library of Congress)

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