Friday, January 15, 2010

Have your cake and eat it too!

A great way to get protein back into your body after a workout is by using Whey Protein Powder.
I found this recipe on Fitness and Spice, another fun fitness website.  Give it a try and let me know what you think? I have other recipes for homemade protein bars which I will post soon. In the meantime, please send me your recipes.


  1. There are so many types of Whey protein, do you have any recommendations?

  2. I need something lactose/vegan friendly....any suggestions?

  3. I think this recipe looks lovely:

    and most recipes for protein bars are easily adapted. You can make the simplest uncooked protein bars with just bananas, oats (blend these to a powder) nut butter and protein powder. Mix together and press flat onto wax paper - freeze and then cut into bars.

    really delicious.
    lmk how you get on!!

  4. I didn't realise there could be so many fascinating comments about protein powder! Guys, you really need to start facing up to reality. Longevity and long term health in general is not linked to the gym. How many octogenarians do you hear on news items putting their life span down to constant exercise? Most of the time it's attributed to booze! The key to long life is happiness and I can't think of anything more miserable than haunting the soulless confines of a gym franchise. Actually this domain is very much like a gym - corporate, sterile, boring, tragic. I'm off.

  5. I don't think many octogenarians sat at a desk all day and probably have had a better diet most of their life, than todays burger eating generation.

    I don't love the gym, but I think it is a substitute to the active job my parents have had, in the same way vitamins are a substitute to a well planned diet.

    As for booze, I read on the BBC Scottish people consume on average the equivalent of 46 bottles of vodka a year ... their average life expectancy isn't that good by western standards (though they maybe well preserved!)

    Good luck with the site.


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