Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekly roundup

I'll admit that I'm not loving the current workout I'm doing, but I pushed myself today and I feel great! I hope that you've been active too. Here are a few posts I think you might find interesting...

Slow and steady wins the race (but tabata still rules!).

Conversely, if Foxyburd was out of shape, I probably would be too.

I thought shuffling the kids to school in the freezing cold burns more calories. I thought wrong.

Don't like the gym? Hate running? Walk your way to fitness in just 28 days.

If you only have 21 days to get fit, check out Elle magazine's new dvd collection.

Eleven foods you should be eating and a few you shouldn't. Pass me the beets!

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  1. We have seen what foxy looks like, which one in the picture are you?

  2. on its way, having a photo shoot on Monday!


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