Thursday, January 14, 2010

are you a proud housewife?

there are so many more women staying at home these days after having children and for most of us its fun, but it can also be a full-time job.

My friend Natasha makes it looks so easy! She is a freelance writer and editor (she is the contributor on this blog) she bakes the best cakes I have ever eaten - SERIOUSLY! And I don't even have a sweet tooth. She also has an eye for beautiful interior design and in addition to that she is also a fellow gym-rat!

She has started her new blog and I just love it. Its the perfect compliment to this one - with wonderful recipe ideas (not always super heathly, but always super tasty). Make sure to bookmark the page and visit it regularly.


  1. What do you mean almost? Most important job in the world and what other job starts when you wake and stops when you sleep again (and has you on call through the night?)

  2. Jeez - women have been having children since year dot! It ain't rocket science. There are a lot of Mothers who also have to work full time these days to make ends meet and often don'have time to bake cakes, be a slave to the gym and splurge on interior design. Get real?!

  3. I'll be looking forward to using your tips once our little guy arrives. Way to go Amanda! I added a link to you on my blog :) xoxo Kara

  4. Thanks Kara - good luck with the pregnancy!

  5. Jeez - you know I used to think like you, but I when I looked at my life I would spend time watching TV at night. I was too exhausted and intimidated to go to the gym, but I started doing little things. Some step ups on the stairs and some sit ups. It would be better if I had a routine, or more time (and energy), but I feel the little I do is better than nothing. I like the article about the mom, though I dont think I have that much energy.


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