Thursday, January 28, 2010

Improved brain power in weight-training seniors

I read an article in yesterday's Globe and Mail that seniors who pumped iron had 12% improvements in their attention and decision-making abilities.

University of British Columbia studied 155 women aged 65 to 75, who were given resistance training programs once or twice a week and saw a measured improvement in cognitive abilities.

The article doesn't tell us exactly what type of strength training they were doing, but the participants used both free weights and resistance machines with measured progression thorough the program.

Previous studies have always been focused on the benefits of aerobic exercises like swimming and walking, so this is a welcome change.

click here to read the full story from The Canadian Press and remember next time you are visiting Granny to throw her a few cans of baked beans so she can pump out some incline presses!

And speaking of seniors, its looks like Jane Fonda is putting on her spandex and relaunching some new exercise dvd's at the fine old age of 72!!

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