Thursday, May 20, 2010

Underground Yoga

Everything is going underground here in Toronto, it seems to be the cool new thing to not know where you will be eating until an hour before you leave the house, armed only with a password and a savage hunger.  Well it seems now that the yoga community have joined this mysterious society in the form of Yoga Happenings.

Using social media systems like Twitter and Facebook, yogis from around the city will find out just one or 2 hours in advance where the yoga class will be held.  Its aim is to target all levels from novice to advanced, hoping encourage yoga enthusiasts to lose ties with their regular instructors, schedule and venue, to try something new.

One of the creators is JP from Octopus Garden Yoga, who I have practised with on numerous occasions.  I think the idea of this society is exciting, but not sure if being spontaneous and being a yogi really work - I can imagine it being a little stressful, but hope I am proved wrong

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