Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judy, where have you been?

Its been a while since we have heard from Judy on my blog, and also a while since I have met up with Judy to find out how she is doing in her fat-loss program.  A few of my readers have been enquiring on her progress, so here is an update she sent me today.

I'm proud to say that I completed the Sporting Life 10k race for kids with cancer on Sunday May 2nd.  I honestly wasn't sure whether I was actually going to do it or not and decided that morning at 5am that I would go.  I was fighting two ear infections and a sinus infection on top of that.  I really don't enjoy jogging and had one 3 mile practice run about two weeks before the day of the 10k race.  I was not prepared.  However, I did complete it in 1.001mins without stopping the whole way.  Hurray for me!!!!!!  

I'm still going to the gym at least 3 days a week and have started riding my bike with the kids.  That means one on the seat attached to my bike and the other in the trailer behind.  It's a good load.    

My downfall is my eating and it's not what I'm eating (I eat right foods) it's how much I eat.  Not enough sometimes.  I have to make a conscious effort of eating every three hours and drinking.  I haven't weighed myself and the measuring tape tells me that things haven't really changed since the last time we measured me.  I have to get back to work.  I desperately need to lose this tire around my waist by July.  We are planning a trip to Greece and I WANT to look my best!  Amanda you probably feel like you're beating a dead horse.     

Over the next week or so I will meet up with Judy and try to get her back on track.  It is pretty common to lose focus along the way, so hopefully with a new workout plan, re-enforcement of the using the journal and the incentive too look good on holiday, she will start to see more improvements. 

After all I think we are owed some new photos, maybe bikini shots from Greece?

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