Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweat and Grunting on Global TV

My fellow fitness colleague Jane Clapp from Urbanfitt, invited me to her studio last week to take part in a Tabata style class.  Along with 10 or so other victims clients we embarked on a crazy workout that left all of us ready to hit the deck in a puddle of sweat.  It was so much fun, but bloody hard work.

The reason for my invite was because Jane was being interviewed by Global TV Health Watch for a segment on Tabata and how it can be incorporated into your workout.

As a follow up to the workout, Global came to my house yesterday to interview myself with the kids, to demonstrate how I, as a busy parent, can manage to juggle raising the kids, working from home, doing my blog and still fit in workouts.

It was lots of fun, my kids who were nervous at first really loved the idea of being on camera, my oldest boy now thinks he is famous!!

This will be aired tonight on Global News around 6.15 - 6.45pm.  Check it out and if you miss it I will post the online version tomorrow.  I don't have cable unfortunately, so I won't see it until the following day either!!

I will be around Dewson School Friday at 4pm if anybody wants autographs :)  (snigger snigger!)

Thanks Jane for the invite - you rock!!

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  1. Thank you Amanda! My Tabata buddy. YOU rock for fitting a freakin TV interview into your busy day.


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