Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To Keep Kids Active.

My son's are both celebrating their birthdays this week, the oldest will be 7 and the youngest 3.

For the 7 year olds party, he decided that he wanted a soccer and hockey theme. We all went to the local park and 12 kids played both sports stopping only for pizza and cake.  It was great to see the passion and excitement they all got from playing sports and it made me think how easy it really is to keep your kids active, providing you keep things light-hearted and interesting.

Here are two great articles giving ideas of how to keep kids moving, revisiting some of your old playground games, involving yourself in their activities and making things FUN!!!

10 ways to de-sissify your kids.
Revisit the Playground by Nick Grantham (who happens to be one of the best strength coaches in the UK) 

Recently The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and ParticipACTION released new guidelines for the amount of exercise kids need each day, 90 minutes per day - Active Healthy Kids Canada suggested only 12 per cent of young Canadians actually meet the current recommendation.

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  1. We did the soccer game theme last year for Luca who was turning 8. It was really fun. We made team t-shirts which is really easy to do! Choose, create & design 2 different team logo's then print onto ink jet transfer paper (easily available at Staples) and iron onto cheap t-shirts (we paid $5.00 each in Chinatown on Spadina for green and blue t's). A voila instant teams.

    Then everyone came back to ours for a sleepover...I don't recommend that :)


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