Monday, May 17, 2010

short sport skirts

I love this product, my friend at the gym wears one of these skirts and they look so stylish, yet are so practical.  The Canadian Outlet, currently has a 50% sale on, so check it out for some great bargains.

The philosophy of the the company is that fitness can be fashionable, flattering and most of all functional.  The women who created the product are busy mothers, who also run marathons.  They claim these skirts are great for  5k, marathon, ultra-marathon or ironman triathlon or our own everyday "ironmom" triathlon: run, school & soccer. 

The skirts are made with a special sweat-wicking fabrics, our runner tested, high performance running skirts are very comfortable.  Unlike shorts, there is nothing to bunch between the legs.  These skirts are made without any interior seams that could cause rubbing and chaffing of your unmentionables (ouch!).  The running skirt and attached brief stays put in all the right places...the skirt doesn't flip up and the briefs don't ride up (no, your bum doesn't show).   The athletic skirt is made with compression shorts with longer inseams that stay put and don't ride up when you workout.

Nobody said you couldn't look good while you exercised :)

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