Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singing Sue's Cancer Battle

“I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days or great days.” Lance Armstrong

I think all of us at some stage in our lives have been affected by cancer, being a survivor or having lost loved ones. I know my family has experienced tragedy at the hands of this disease and I was recently reunited with an 'old friend' (hee hee - we are both heading for the naughty 40's) via facebook, who I discovered had been battling with breast cancer.

Sue and I were firstly next door neighbours and best friends, then by marriage she became my cousin-in-law (I probably made that up) then over the years we lost touch and have recently caught up via the social media network.  It was great to reconnect with her, to find out she now has twin boys and newly married to boot - and also to find out her hard struggle with the disease.

Anybody who knows Sue, instantly loves her, she is just so bloody funny and has an amazing zest for life. She is now thankfully on the other side of the battle and definitely enjoys life to the fullest.

To raise awareness, Sue was interviewed by the local paper in the UK, and has given me the thumbs up to post her story here. She is truly inspiration and I am very proud to know her. Click here to read the full interview.

For more information on Breast Cancer in the UK visit, in Canada and in the USA

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