Monday, June 14, 2010

Playground Workouts

A few of the Mums from my sons school have been asking me how they can workout in the summer, when going to the gym will be difficult.  So myself and fitness goddess Jane, took the ladies through a workout which they can do anywhere.  I wanted to give them enough information that they feel they can do a quick session at home, in the hotel or on holiday.

We hung out in the playground after school, with all the kids too.  Jane and I did a general conditioning class, based on a circuit training format.  The only props we brought along were battling ropes and a resistance band for chin-ups, all the other exercises were using done using body-weight.

We had so much fun, the kids even joined in occasionally.  And it was really cool to see these women working their butts off - I think they surprised themselves at how hard they could work and how empowering some of the exercises were.

The workout ended with the kids doing a tug-of-war and the parents doing a tabata session.

Click here for copy of the workout. Print it out and use it whenever you know you can't make it to the gym.

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