Monday, June 28, 2010

BOO!! I'm back.

Did you miss me?
Yes I took a week off from blogging and thoroughly enjoyed myself - spending it trying out some new recipes, cooking up some old favourites from the Motherland (that are not particularly healthy, but very tasty), also trying out some great workouts, check out the blog thoroughout the week for details.

A big bang(ers) favourite meal in my home.  My Mam would make this for me as a kid and I loved it, so the other day I whipped up a batch for the family and it was an instant hit.

Basically it is just breakfast sausages baked in the oven with yorkshire pudding mix.  Then served up with gravy and a huge heap of veggies.

Here is the recipe I used from Jamie Oliver.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! You're back! I'm not alone is the internet vortex anymore.
    Maybe I'll blog about how much I'm eating in paris....


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