Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are you upset? There might be a movie for you!

Cheaper than therapy.

Can't get over your X?
Plot - guy moves away to make it big and his GF back home disses him.
Turnaround - guy keeps getting out there and eventually gets Heather Graham
Moral - be yourself but still try some new things. Dance lessons come in handy.
You will feel - super confident

You feel unfulfilled?
Dirty Dancing
Plot - loser girl becomes the star and gets a cool BF
Turnaround - girl is in the right place at the right time. Free dance lessons with Patrick.
Moral - take a risk when you've got an expert helping you. Also don't put baby in the corner.
You will feel - like trying something outrageous

You feel defeated?
Rocky III
Plot - boxer makes a comeback
Turnaround - admits his fears and reinvents himself thanks to his wife and old rival Apollo Creed
Moral - A man can change. once again dancing is key.
You will feel - compelled to exercise

You've always got something to prove?
Top Gun
Plot - cocky pilot digs a hole for himself but then saves the day and gets the girl
Turnaround - forgives himself for killing his best friend AND for not being as good as his dad!
Moral - Don't worry about your family's rep. Being cocky isn't the answer (unless it's in a bar). Also stay fit in case a volleyball game breaks out.
You will feel - like asking out the next hot person you see

You hate everyone?
Remember the Titans
Plot - forced integrated football team in the 60's overcomes racism to win it all
Turnaround - a bit of success and locker-room speeches gels the team
Moral - don't judge a book by its cover. Put your best attributes on offense and defence. Blitz all night!
You will feel - like having a barbeque with the neighbours

The world is against you?
The Pursuit of Happiness
Plot - other than getting an internship, the world craps all over this guy
Turnaround - no turnaround. Day after day this guy works his ass off and nothing goes right, until the end of course.
Moral - work your ass off every day for a year and the world will bend to your will.
You will feel - sad remembering all the shit you've been through but then motivated

You are too cocky?
Terry or the 1980's original
Plot - true story of 22 year old Terry Fox who dies while trying to cure cancer by running across Canada with one leg and a malfunctioning prosthetic.
Turnaround - He inspires over $500 million in donations
Moral - one person can make a difference.
You will feel - like you've done very little with your life, but there's still time

You don't fit in and no one loves you?
Million Dollar Baby
Plot - white trash girl has a dream to be a fighter despite zero support from anyone and abuse from her family
Turnaround - crotchety boxing coach hesitant to see another fighter get hurt, takes her on as a student
Moral - Do what you love and you'll find love (of yourself, for yourself and for hitting people). Also protect yourself at all times.
You will feel - like joining a new gym and maybe forgiving someone.

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  1. The pursuit of happiness was such a good movie! I hope this doesn't subconsciously mean I think the world is against me, haha.


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