Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big Red

I bought a birthday card for a friend recently with the following quote from Roseanne Barr:
"Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the ony time of the month when I can be myself".
(Not sure my husband would agree with that!!)

There are so many birth control methods out there at the moment. I personally don't like using them, I hated the effects of the synthetic hormones  - my body didn't feel natural.  One of the side effects of my old contraception was my lack of periods, I basically missed my periods for a year or two. This was nice for the practical side of life, but what was that doing to my body? My doctor reassured me this was ok, but I worried about things like osteoporsis, fertility issues and the general problems associated with having too many extra hormones swimming around inside of me.

I read recently in the Healthy Bitch Daily all about this subject and I find it interesting that some women may actually chose their birth control purely based on the premise they will lose their monthly cycle.

Mother nature now rules in my household!!

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  1. True true true Amanda. Thanks for the card! Must scan and post it. So funny.

  2. By side effects, I am sure you mean awesome advantages


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