Monday, April 26, 2010

Orthorexia - are you obsessed with healthy foods?

Orthorexia is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that creates severe phobias about eating impure, unhealthy food. Most experts still think orthorexia is part of anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder whose sufferers obsess about the amount of food they eat and their body weight, rather than an independent disorder.  People are becoming so obsessed what is in their food, wanting only 'pure' foods, that this is leading to severe malnutrition.
I watched Food Inc. recently and was just horrified at what I saw.  Seriously you need to eat a big meal before watching it as you won't want to eat again for a few days afterwards. The result is a haunting documentary looking into the North American food system - one of the most corporate controlled, unhealthiest, cruellest food systems on the planet. 

I am pretty healthy when it comes to my diet, but I can see how people can become worried and anxious when we see just how food is produced.  When it comes to food I indulge in moderation and try to make good choices.

Has this documentary had a lasting effect on you?


  1. I think the scariest part of the this movie is the fact that there are so few slaughter houses in the US now. If one of them has an issue the 20%+ of the US population gets contaminated.

  2. Food Inc. totally turned me off (not that I wasn't already) factory farmed meat. It also made me realize how working conditions for marginalized workers has slid backwards to the days of the story from the Jungle. This film was great at showing how the food industry is run by massive corporations without any conscience so it's up to us to use our buying power to determine what food they produce. Every time we spend money on food, we're voting for or against what we believe in terms of food production.
    Nice Amanda!
    Jane Clapp

  3. Jane,

    What did you think about Wal*mart in the movie?

  4. Just don't let my mother see that article. She'll be convinced (as one of the people commenting was) that there is now a name for my disorder. If only I would seek help...

    People who don't eat healthy at all, don't read food labels, won't watch a movie like "Food Inc.", see people like myself and think we are nuts. This article isn't going to help.

    Saddest part of the movie for me was to hear the farmers that are being sued by Monsanto. It seemed so hopeless.


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